I'm looking for work

I’m looking for (remote/hybrid) work (I’m in the Netherlands), be it consulting or something more permanent. Please get in touch if you know of interesting ~principal-engineer-level work for someone very capable with a slightly unusual career path!

You’re already here, so you’ve found my blog; also useful could be my LinkedIn, my personal website, my GitHub account, and the Gitea instance I run for Syndicate-related projects.

Who I am and what I’m looking for

In a nutshell, I’m a programming languages and systems person who can both do the academic thing and actually deliver projects.

Academics/open-source first: I’ve a PhD in programming language design; I worked with Alan Kay’s group at VPRI/CDG/HARC for a bit; I built Syndicate (https://syndicate-lang.org/) and Synit (https://synit.org/) recently; and all told, I like challenging, artful, interesting, offbeat projects. I’m also good at them.

The other (industry) side of me: I wrote big chunks of the RabbitMQ ecosystem back in the day. Wrote the code, built the website, maintained the machines, all that startup-to-exit tech stuff. I’ve also done a lot of normal consultancy as part of LShift, as well as more recently. To put it bluntly, I’m also good at this side of things: at designing and building software that people actually want to use.

The wolves aren’t at the door. My current contracts are coming to an end though, and I’d love to find something a bit more stable that isn’t just, you know, writing AbstractBeanFactoryFactoryBeans for a living? I’m versatile, but I’m looking for a good match. Actually, I’d happily trade money (to a point) for something really challenging and creative.

I shall stop here. Thanks for reading. Please do get in touch (tonyg@leastfixedpoint.com, @tonyg@leastfixedpoint.com, @leastfixedpoint, etc.), or pass me on to anyone you think might like to hear about me!