Chicken SDL v0.3p2

A new release of chicken-sdl is available from our arch archive. You can download the egg file here.

Interesting changes include:

  • Case changes: constant definitions are now in uppercase, matching the C API.
  • The SDL egg now supports SDL_net networking.
  • The sdl-csi program is now installed in the bin directory, as part of the normal installation of the egg
  • Added missing sdl-quit-sub-system parameter; added sdl-set-color-key! (thanks to Felix Winkelmann)
  • Added a sdl-pixel-format-bytes-per-pixel accessor (thanks to Sunnan)
  • Added getter/setter for SDL errors.
  • The sdl-rect-nil global has been replaced by #f.
  • The problem on MacOS X (and probably also Windows) regarding sdl-init has been better documented (in the README)