scheme-pg port to MacOS X, MzScheme v299.400

I’ve just finished taking scheme-pg version 0.4.0, which is intended for MzScheme version 299.30, and updating it (1) so that it builds on MacOS X, thanks to Geoffrey Knauth’s patches (slightly edited to undo some kind of whitespace mangling probably introduced by the HTML mailing-list archiver); and (2) so that it builds with MzScheme v299.400. The only change to the Scheme code is in — MzScheme v299.400 seems to have sprouted versions of string-upcase, string-titlecase, and string-downcase that conflict with SRFI-13’s versions of the same procedures.

My revised scheme-pg package is available at That’s both a browseable snapshot, and a darcs repository that you can retrieve with

darcs get