NaCl and scrypt in the Browser (and node.js)

I’ve produced Emscripten-compiled variants of both NaCl, a cryptographic library, and scrypt, a password-based key derivation function.

  • js-nacl (documentation) includes support both for the browser and for node.js.

  • js-scrypt (documentation) supports just the browser, since there are plenty of existing, faster alternatives for scrypt for node.js.

I’m looking forward to exploring some of the possible applications of combining the two libraries!

One important missing piece is certificates; for this, dusting off SPKI might prove interesting.

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Paul Crowley 16:26, 31 Mar 2013

If I ever get time, I'll finish work on this successor to SPKI, and add NaCl primitives

Tony Garnock-Jones 16:41, 31 Mar 2013 (in reply to this comment)

Great! Next time I'm in London, how about a pub chat about where SPKI could go?