Source Code Repositories

We’ve both been involved in open-source and free software for a long while. You can find some of our projects on github (tonyg, mikeb), while others are available from the source code repositories hosted on this server:


We’re gradually switching away from darcs to mercurial or git. You can browse the mercurial-controlled code with hgwebdir at 80/20.


While we generally prefer to use mercurial, git is more appropriate for some projects.

  • tonyg’s projects:

    • gyre: The web-log engine behind (the previous incarnation of) this site (which is now Jekyll-based); written in python, very simple, blosxom-like

    • newmoon: An incredibly naive CPS-based Scheme compiler, currently torn between JVM, .NET and C backend support


Most of our older projects are currently held in these archives, though as we switch to Mercurial and Git, this will change. You can browse the darcs-controlled code with DarcsWeb at 80/20.